Friday 25 September 2015

Free Pattern Friday - September (Doll Edition!)

It's the last Friday of the month my friends - and that can only mean it's Free Pattern Friday! Hundreds of talented, budding designers are adding wonderful free patterns to the amigurumi world each day and I've made it my monthly mission to track the best ones down. This month it's all about dolls! I'm desperate to design my own and after finding the perfect flesh coloured yarn (Three Bears Yarn "Peaches & Cream") amigurumi dolls are all I could think about. Here are my top 10 favourite FREE doll patterns that I've ever pinned on my amigurumi Pinterest board.

Free Pattern Friday - Top 10 Free Doll Patterns:

1. Snow White & Prince Charming - by Snacksies Handicraft Corner. I love Disney, so I was delighted when I found such a detailed pattern for free! Snow White's hair is spot on, and I love her big red bow.

2. The Seven Dwarfs - by Snacksies Handicraft Corner. These dolls are by the same designer as the above Snow White & Prince Charming dolls. All of these combined would make an amazing set of dolls and a fantastic gift.

3. Gnome Family - By Red Heart Yarns. How adorable and sweet is this little family of gnomes? I wouldn't leave these guys out in the garden though! These would make perfect "doll house" dolls for a child - you just need to crochet them a big toadstool to live in.

4. Weeble Wobble Witch - By Repeat Crafter Me. I love Sarah's blog and was delighted to find this cute wobbly witch in amongst her range of free patterns. Halloween is only a month away, better get hooking if you want some cute crochet decorations!

5. Zan Zan Doll - by Zan Crochet. This sweet little doll looks like a simple, straight forward pattern. This would be perfect for those not confident in amigurumi but would love to make a rag doll for a little one.

6. Elf on a Shelf - By Sydney Duenas. This is probably the best "Elf on a Shelf" crochet doll I've seen, though I don't like the fact it has no mouth. Make sure to give yours a nose and cheeky smile before you let him get up to mischief this Christmas!

7. Pippi Long Stocking - By Amilovesgurumi. This little Pippi doll has beads for arms and legs - very unusual! To me this would be a rag doll for an older girl (not toddlers!) She has a very cute and cheeky face, and adorable design.

8. Snow Dolls - By Amilovesgurumi. Another wonderful design by Amilovesgurumi, the patterns for these lovely little dolls also come with a sledge pattern! So adorably cute & perfect mantelpiece decorations for Christmas!

9. Calming Sleep Buddy Doll - By AmigurumiBB. This pattern is for the basic doll in the middle, you will need to add your own embellishments as you wish. The designer has stuffed them with lavender to make a sweet smelling, calming hug buddy - genius!

10. Monster Doll - By Amidorable Crochet. I just had to add in one more Halloween pattern (after all it's only a month away!) and this had to be it. This little Frankenstein inspired doll is so cute - I'd add in a smile though instead!

Check back next month for my top 10 free patterns of October. Don't forget to check out my Pinterest page for thousands of free craft tutorials and, of course, free amigurumi patterns!

Have a crafty weekend everyone!
Julie xxx

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  1. Thank you very much Julie, you are very kind.

    1. No problem at all Mary-Francis! Hope you enjoy :) x

  2. Julie, thank you so much for your free patterns. They are what I have to depend on to crochet. Darling patterns!!!!!
    9/25/2015 6:29 pm

    1. You're welcome Loretta! I love making collections of free patterns! x

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