Friday 31 July 2015

Free Pattern Friday - July

Happy Friday everyone! I've decided to dedicate the last Friday of every month on my blog to free patterns and tutorials! I'm very active on Pinterest and admittedly spend hours searching for and pinning the best free content I can find. I have built up quite a collection of free amigurumi patterns, sewing patterns and thousands more miscellaneous free craft tutorials over the last year. Here are my top 10 favourite patterns I've pinned this month.  July's theme is (of course) amigurumi!

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Free Pattern Friday - Top 10 July Picks:

1. Summer Sun Softie - By Jess from Screen To Stitch.  How adorable is this cute little Sun? I bet he would look right at home on a handmade baby mobile - along with a rain drop, rainbow & cloud!

2. Very Hungry Caterpillar - By Britteny's Boutique. I loved the Hungry Caterpillar book when I was a little girl, it was one of my favourites. It's not surprising that it's still hugely popular today! This little guy would be perfect in a baby's nursery. 

3. Flopsy Bunny - by Nerissa Muijs. This little bunny looks really simple, but really sweet! He'd make a great beginner project.

4. Bride & Groom Dolls - by Nadia Fuad. These incredibly detailed little dolls would look lovely on top of somebody's wedding cake! Or perhaps guarding the guest book at a wedding reception? A great handmade wedding gift idea, I love these.

5. Tiny Rabbit by Popsdemilk.  This is quite possibly my favourite pattern I've pinned this month! This teeny tiny rabbit is so adorable. A perfect pocket sized pal.

6. Little Owl by I Crochet Things. This pattern got a lot of attention when I shared it on my Facebook page and it's not hard to see why. Another example of simple but sweet!

7. Little Elephant by amigurumiswebshop. There are alot of elephant patterns around but this one is by far the cutest I have seen. Sadly I couldn't find a name to credit the designer!

8. Little Tortoise by Roman Sock. My other half Tom is desperately for a tortoise but sadly I don't think we will have the room for one at our new flat. Perhaps I could crochet him one instead? This design is so cute and realistic at the same time.

9. Giraffe Lovey by Kelsey Bieker. Giraffes seem to be all the rage in the amigurumi world right now, especially for babies. This cute little giraffe cuddle blanket would make an excellent handmade baby shower gift! Adorable.

10. Sleepy Little Mouse by April Lesley. Last, but certainly not least is the adorable little sleepy mouse! He has his own little leafy bed to snuggle into but can be removed when it's time to wake up! He'd make a perfect pocket pal for any child.

Check back next month for my top 10 free patterns for August. Don't forget to check out my Pinterest page for thousands of free craft tutorials and, of course, free amigurumi patterns!

Have a crafty weekend everyone!
Julie xxx

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