Friday 30 October 2015

Free Pattern Friday - October (10 Free Bear Patterns)

It's the last Friday of the month my friends - and that can only mean it's Free Pattern Friday! Hundreds of talented, budding designers are adding wonderful free patterns to the amigurumi world each day and I've made it my monthly mission to track the best ones down. In honour of the release of my free Three Bears pattern, this month it's all about bears! It was insanely difficult to find 10 bear patterns that were both decent and free but I think I got a pretty nice round up in the end! Here are my top 10 favourite FREE bear patterns that I've ever pinned on my amigurumi Pinterest board.

Free Pattern Friday - Top 10 Free Bear Patterns:

1. Valentine Bear - By Sharon Ojala. I love Sharon's patterns and this one has to be one of my favourites! Turning the feet into hearts was so clever!

2. Panda Bear - By Angie's Art Studio. This is one of the cutest panda patterns I've seen online - and it's free!

3. Teddy Bear - By Sharon Ojala. Another AmigurumiFreely pattern, this one comes with a full video tutorial.

4. Sam The Little Teddy Bear - By Carolina Guzman. I have been an admirer of One & Two Company's designs for a while now. This little guy comes with a blue jumper using simple but effective colour changes.

5. Sweet Dreams Teddy - By Michele Wilcox. How sweet is this little bed time bear? His clothing is adorable, making him a perfect night time pal for a child.

6. Walter Bear - By Janine Holmes. I love this bright stripy bear! Make him in pastel colours and he'd be perfect for a new baby.

7. Paddington Bear - By Yellow, Pink & Sparkly. This blog is stuffed full of wonderful, free amigurumi patterns - just look at this awesome Paddington complete with clothes!

8. Buttercup Bear - By Yellow, Pink & Sparkly. Another pattern from Yellow, Pink & Sparkly. This little bear would be so suited for a baby shower gift.

9. Mini Bear - By Little Muggles. I just love this bright & happy bear! Check him out on the Little Muggles blog,

10. Sweater Bears - By Wayuki. These sweet little bears are more typical amigurumi style. A simple, straight forward pattern.


Check back next month for my top 10 free patterns of November. Don't forget to check out my Pinterest page for thousands of free craft tutorials and, of course, free amigurumi patterns!

Have a crafty weekend everyone!

Julie xxx

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  1. I love Sharon Ojala! Her patterns are fantastic, and I've made just about all of them. I've also made the Sweet Dreams Teddy, as well as your Ballerina Mouse. Plus I've made many of my own amigurumi creations too! :)

    1. I love Sharon too! She's actually how I learned to crochet amigurumi. A fantastic, talented designer! Thank you for using my pattern I really appreciate your support Genevieve! x

  2. I really love crotcheing especially amigurumi as it is really fun and i often look forward to free pattern friday as I have more ideas on what i want to crochet. I really love your patterns too! I make some creations myself ever since i knew that amigurumi is not that hard.

    1. Amigurumi really isn't that hard you're right! It looks elaborate but it's simple once you get to grips with it. I'm so glad you look forward to Free Pattern Friday - nice to know somebody is reading! Thank you :D x

  3. Oh they're so cute! I really love the paddington bear ❤️
    I'm following your blog now, saw your message on IG ;)
    Regards, Wendy


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