Saturday 3 December 2016

Amigurumonsters Design Contest - Please Vote for Mallow!

Hello everyone! I know I've been kind of quiet these past few months, but I'm still here and I'm still designing! Sometimes real life just gets in the way, y'know? It's been a hard year for me...but I hope to design more and focus solely on my blog and brand in 2017.

Last year I entered my Ballerina Mouse design in the annual amigurumi design contest and came 5th, so this year I'm hoping to do just as well with a completely new design - meet Mallow! This time the theme was "monsters" which I was really excited about. There are no limits, design and imagination wise, when it comes to monsters. They can be any size, shape or colour. 2 eyes or 6 eyes? Fangs or a toothy grin? I couldn't wait to get started!

I didn't have a specific idea in mind of what I wanted him to look like (except that I wanted him to be pink) so I just started crocheting and went where my hook took me. The legs and body are seamless and worked together as one piece, which was a first for me as a designer - but I think they turned out pretty ok! The horns were frogged multiple times until I got the just the right size and he went through about 3 or 4 teeth until they were the perfect shape. When you enter a design into the contest you are asked to write a little back story for your character so here's what I came up with:

"Some people think monsters are scary, but not Mallow! He only eats marshmallows - white ones for breakfast and pink ones for dinner to be precise. No one is quite sure what colour he used to be as it's well known that eating a diet of marshmallows will turn you pink! It's quite lonely being a monster when everyone expects you to be scary...Will you be his friend?"

How to vote for Mallow:

  • Click here (Mallow should come up first on the list)
  • Click the heart button so it turns green on Mallow's picture
  • Heart 4 other of your favourite entries!
  • Enter your name and email address to confirm your vote (This is only to stop cheating) 
  • Please don't try to vote more than once as it will nulify all your votes!

Thank you so much to anyone who votes for me (and Mallow) I appreciate it. I hope to offer his pattern at some point after the new year so you can make him too!

 Julie xxx 


  1. Mallow is so cute! I just want to hug and snuggle him! I have put in my vote! Good Luck!! 💓💕


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