Tuesday 31 January 2017

Christmas Crocheting

I may have been absent from my blog for most of 2016 but I wasn't absent from designing! Back in August, Let's Get Crafting magazine got in touch looking for a few Christmas patterns for their new website Craft Store. LGC magazine offer their very own brand of yarn with every issue and they wanted me to make some Christmas decorations with their new Christmas colours. 

After seeing the colours on offer I decided on a wreath and matching bauble set. I wanted the wreath and baubles to somewhat match and have the same look. I had an idea for a sort of amigurumi character sitting in the hoop of the wreath and eventually decided on a cheeky elf! I had never made a wreath before so it was nice to have a new challenge. This photo is a quick snap I took while I was in the middle of making it - hence the rubbish, placeholder bow and the loose yarn tails. I don't like the way the photographer photographed him on the website...someone pulled the brim of his hat down and covered his hair and it just doesn't look right! 

I really loved the way the baubles turned out - the snowman is my favourite! You guys went mad for him on Instagram... I think I may need to make a full bodied amigurumi version of him at some point, what do you think? I really should have asked very nicely if I could have the finished items back after photographing because I SO wish I had them all hanging on my tree!

The patterns are now for sale on their new website (edit: this yarn pack is only available during the Christmas period) as part of a yarn & pattern pack. You get a physical, hard copy of the patterns along with all the yarn you need to make my wreath & matching baubles.

 Julie xxx 


  1. These are really lovely.

    Think I need to start my Christmas making soon or it will be here before I turn around!

  2. How adorable! Just told my hairdresser yesterday it's only 11months till Christmas and she looked at me like I was crazy...



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