Monday 5 June 2017

Hobium Yarns Review

I love being let loose in my local craft store. Seriously, I'm like a kid in a candy shop. I spend hours looking at all the different craft tools and materials, juggling an armful of yarn, sewing kits and felt until Tom puts his foot down and goes off looking for a basket. He eventually gets bored and wanders off to look at model kits or paints (Tom is an excellent painter) and leaves me floating blissfully around the yarn aisles. I love these kind of days out so much that I've never really considered going craft shopping online before. However, when a brand new online craft store called Hobium Yarns got in touch and offered me a little spending spree in return for an honest review on my blog... how could I say no?

Hobium is a bit of a quirky store if I'm honest. It's based in Turkey but they now ship all over the world with DHL. Would my readers really want to order from so far away? Hobium had to have something different, something they couldn't already get locally. I had a good browse on their website, through the crochet hooks and needles, the pom poms and buttons, the yarn bags and knitting needles. I decided I wouldn't accept the review unless I could find something unique or of value to my readers - and I did!

Hobium have a wonderful selection of yarn that I have never seen here before in the UK. There are pages upon pages of luxury cottons, acrylics, bright shades and pastel shades. Sparkly yarn, glittery yarn, yarn with gems and beads and even yarn with little dolls attached! There are even Caron Cake lookalikes. I truly think that this is their selling point to the UK market - it's something a bit different. In hindsight I actually wish I had used more of my credit on their beautiful yarns (sad face!). My house is truthfully coming down with yarn but I must have had a brief moment of insanity not to spend every penny sampling their wonderful yarn selection.

So what did I buy? I did get a few balls of the more quirky yarns to add to my stash - including the yarn with little dolls all over it because...well because it's cute! I also got a really cute floral work bag on a stand to hold my yarn and current project. This has to be my favourite craft purchase ever - it's a great little work bag! It stands up by itself and holds it's shape. It sits by my sofa while I'm designing and keeps my yarn (and amigurumi pieces!) off the floor. It also has little pockets inside to hold my needles, safety eyes, scissors and hooks. I also couldn't forget my readers and used some of my credit to buy a set of Knit Pro crochet hooks and a yarn basket like mine to give away (on the blog soon!).

You would think shipping from Turkey to the UK would be extortionate but Hobium's prices are very reasonable. It costs $6.90 to ship anywhere in the world with free shipping if you spend over $100. Shipping was also super quick and I got my Hobium order in just a few days. At those prices and at that speed there is basically no difference to me ordering online from a UK based store.

Now onto the negatives that no honest review would be without. The main thing that bugs me about Hobium is how the English version of the website is in US dollars with no obvious (if any) way to change it. Not too handy for someone like me in the UK trying to do price conversions in my head every time I go to add something to my basket. I also found some of the pricing a bit random. Some things were so cheap (too cheap) and some were, in my opinion, over priced. I also noticed there weren't any amigurumi supplies on offer either. I would of liked some safety eyes and noses as I am always losing pairs and always need to stock up! Some yarn needles for finishing off pieces would be a nice addition to the site too. Also some of the translations to English are a little poor which I know will put some people off as it seems unprofessional.

To sum up:

- Unique varieties of yarn on offer
- Cheap but quick shipping

- Can only browse english website in US dollars
- Lack of amigurumi supplies (Safety eyes, noses, yarn needles)
- Some parts of the website are poorly translated

Would I order again? Yes I would. The yarn on offer is too nice to say no to and the insanely cheap but insanely fast shipping makes looking elsewhere locally for their unique products pointless.

Now...what on earth should I make with this?!

 Julie xxx 


  1. I've never heard of them thanks for the information. Must have a look. Love your work bag & those dolls on the wool are gorgeous.

  2. I have had bad experience with them, not using coupon codes. I would not recommend them. just my experience


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